Reverse engineering is a necessary component to stay competitive in the modern landscape of intellectual property. Quality technical evidence is central to these business goals, and compelling reverse engineering significantly increases your chances of success


Claim Charts

Claim charts illustrate how the features of a product or service mirror the technology taught in your patent. IYF claim charts display this information in a clear and easily followed format that can be customized based on your needs. For example, we can prepare and deliver detailed Evidence of Infringement claim charts to hold up to the scrutiny of litigation, or we can provide more general Evidence of Use claim charts for your licensing efforts.

Technical Analysis

Not all reverse engineering results in claim charts. Sometimes you need to know how the inner-workings of a device compare to your own, or which current technologies are being used in your market. Or maybe you need to understand a device for freedom-to-operate in a burgeoning technology area. IYF has developed state-of-the art testing and analysis methods to identify specific technologies and operations inside devices such as smart phones, displays, networking systems, and many many more.

Circuit Extraction

Reverse engineering integrated circuits can help you analyze product designs in terms of cost, man-hours, and technologies. IYF engineers have been diving into integrated circuits for more than twenty years, and are experts in comparing the extracted technology to specific elements of patent claims. We can identify devices, connections, and dimensions, as well as extract schematics and functional configurations to give you the specific information you need about a target device.