The stakes of patent litigation are high, as are the costs and resources required to pursue litigation. Superior experts, support, research, and preparation can help lessen the technical, legal, and time burden on your company and greatly improve your chances of a successful outcome.


Expert Reports & Witnesses

Expert reports at IYF provide objective but compelling opinions in support of (or in rebuttal to) infringement arguments. Our experts are tested veterans in analyzing an invention and describing it in clear and concise terms, as well as explaining related technology to compare it to the proper context of patents. We work with your team to ensure that our expert reports support your efforts cleanly and concisely.

Our expert witnesses have supported some of the world’s largest companies in groundbreaking litigation. The extensive network of IYF experts and contacts ensures that you have the best possible representation for your case.

Invalidity and Prior Art

Patent validity is always in question, and determining validity is the first step in any legal assertion or defense. With the activity since the America Invents Act, determining prior art and patent validity has become as much art as science.

Our invalidity service goes above and beyond traditional Internet and database searching. We won’t deliver a stack of unqualified results for you to devote resources toward sorting through. We have access to archives, experts, technical papers, and boneyards of relevant companies and firms at the time of the invention. We analyze and deliver this information to you quickly and in such a way that you can immediately act with confidence.

Evidence of Infringement

Demonstrating infringement begins with a detailed map of patent claims against a suspected infringing product. Developing such evidence requires a perfect marriage of technical acumen, market knowledge, and legal experience. IYF researches and develops the most direct method to demonstrate infringement, whether it require analysis of documents and technical specifications, basic technical investigation, or complex reverse engineering.

If you have been presented with an infringement claim chart, IYF can analyze the information presented to determine what, if any, merit exists in the claims. We present our analysis in a clear non-infringement claim chart that you can use in your negotiations.