Selecting the best expert – one who is intimately familiar with the technologies at play and can present evidence with authority – can be equally important to your case as solid engineering evidence. IYF experts work with you to understand the full breadth of your case and how to best present the relevant evidence.

Testifying Experts

Expert Witnesses at IYF ensure that your case is represented as clearly as possible by recognized authorities in their field. Our witnesses have been tested and vetted at influential trials for some of the world’s largest companies. Whether you need an expert to draft depositions, attend Markman Hearings,  or provide expert testimony, an IYF expert is one who will represent your case professionally.

Expert Network

IYF has worked with some of the leading experts in patent litigation, patent analysis, claim construction, and several technology disciplines. We have developed an extensive network of contacts and resources to help you identify the perfect expert to support your case. Our network is populated by qualified, vetted experts from all technologies – mainstream to obscure – IYF can find the ultimate expert for you.